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The Lauder Institute Alumni Association

Our Mission...

Founded in 2004, the Lauder Institute Alumni Association ("LIAA") is an organization dedicated to supporting the goals and mission of the Lauder Institute by fostering a strengthening of the bonds that tie Lauder graduates to the Lauder Institute itself and to each other.  All graduates of the Lauder Institute become members of LIAA at the time of their graduation.  The mission of LIAA is to:

  • Bolster the image, awareness, and reputation of the Lauder Institute among top executives and key constituencies
  • Provide opportunities for professional development, networking, volunteering, and friendship-building among alumni, current students, and the Lauder Institute Board of Governors
  • Maintain the intellectual stimulation of the Lauder experience through speaker series and events in various cities around the world where there is a critical mass of Lauder alumni
  • Support and assist the Lauder Institute in its recruiting and fundraising activities.

The Lauder Institute Alumni Association
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