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The Lauder Institute Alumni Association

Our Board of Directors

Board members are elected for a 3-year term at the end of the year in which a Global Business Forum is held.  The current Board was elected in December 2013. Alumni must be Supporting Members of LIAA at the time of the election to serve on the Board and to vote for Board members.  The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the Board from among its members.

The current Board members are:

Kathryn Harrison '12, President

Leonardo Navarro '11, Treasurer 

Mayra Rodriguez Valladares '95, Secretary

Henry Detering '04, Social Events

Paul Aris '87, Professional Development, Networking and Education 

Brian Ahlborn '89

Evan Kaplan, '90 

Marcy Bevanex officio, Director, Admissions and External Affairs, Lauder Institute 

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